The neighborhood had already set a previous sales record, where it provided 400 slots to purchase in just 10 minutes.

A month after the elections, and with the fresh memory of the post-PASO devaluation, those with saved dollars are looking at the real estate market to protect their assets. For three months, reports have spoken of a gradual recovery in property values, and some projects are selling in record time.

One of them is Aluén, the gated community in the southern area, which, during the launch of its second phase, sold 90% of its plots in an hour. Not in a day or a week, but in 60 clock minutes. In a virtual queue similar to that made by fans for concert tickets, 62 buyers secured their piece of land, leaving only 8 vacant plots out of the 70 available at this stage of the project. The sale was overseen by Toribio Achával as the master broker of the project, accompanied by a network of seven real estate agencies from the Canning and La Matanza areas.

The project, developed by the company Dypsa, is driven by a US$55 million investment. It offers plots ranging from 600 to 1300 square meters, and in the second phase, they were priced between US$58,000 and US$120,000. They have already sold 169 out of a total of 484, and sources involved in the project say the remaining plots will be offered in about five more stages.

The formula for success: INFRASTRUCTURE The venture will feature comprehensive underground infrastructure – electricity, telephone and internet networks, water supply, gas network, sewer system, stormwater drains, its own treatment plant, paved streets with curb channels, waste collection system, perimeter fencing, and 24-hour surveillance service.

Martín Boquete, director of Toribio Achával, identifies three drivers that enticed buyers and resulted in the sales record. Firstly, he highlights post-possession financing: project developers offer 40 installments in pesos adjusted by the CAC when the delivery date is 24 months, apart from a 30% down payment in dollars.

Secondly, Boquete believes that the presence of a four-star hotel within the community, with the option of using its amenities, was another attractive factor for buyers. In 2014, as the first phase of the master plan, the Howard Johnson Ezeiza hotel was inaugurated, featuring a spa with wet and dry saunas, jacuzzis, relaxation and massage rooms, gym, indoor and outdoor pools, international restaurant, bar, lobby area, and convention and executive rooms.

While the hotel’s amenities could be a threat to the value of the monthly fees, Boquete explains that using the amenities is optional. “It operates independently, but buyers can use the hotel’s amenities at a special rate, not included in the monthly fees.” Not paying this additional fee doesn’t mean residents won’t have amenities in the community, as it includes a Club House, 4 tennis courts, a soccer field, a multi-sport court, a gym, and parking areas.

The most promising amenity, both for neighborhood residents and those in the area, is the space reserved for an international bilingual school. Nearby are private bilingual schools like Colegio Grilli, St. Mary’s International College, and South Creek School. However, the area’s exponential growth in recent years demands more educational options. “I think there’s a lack of school infrastructure to support the number of families choosing the southern area for its price and because the northern area doesn’t have as much to offer,” opines Ethel Ures, manager of Castex Propiedades.

Moreover, the project has reserved macro-plots for future low-rise buildings and a commercial area for residents and neighbors.

The third factor contributing to the record-time sale is the location. In any real estate project, accessibility is one of the aspects that most affects the product’s value. “It has direct access from the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highway at kilometer 40 since it has an exit right at the community’s entrance. Additionally, the land is at the intersection of this and the new Presidente Perón highway, which recently opened a section that passes through the community and, when completed, will continue the Camino del Buen Ayre, connecting the North and South areas,” indicates Boquete.

In this regard, he clarifies that while this location distances it from the shopping and commercial areas of the region, it enjoys the privilege of quicker access as it’s only 35 minutes from the city, making it safer in that respect.

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